Our CSR efforts

“Through the media appeal of the event, we aim to bring additional visibility to the work these organizations do and support them in raising awareness about environmental challenges to continue moving towards more responsible development together.”

– Alexis Del Sale

Since its inception, the Costa Rica Raid has been guided by a vision that encompasses the past and the future. Régis, inspired by Thierry Sabine and the Dakar, wanted to recreate the spirit of intense competition and solidarity in a powerboating format. We believe this unique vision has helped make the Costa Rica Raid a can’t-miss event for water sports enthusiasts. We are proud to announce that the Costa Rica Raid organization is committed to supporting two local associations: Planta Mi Arbol and MareBlu.

The Costa Rica RAID will collaborate with PLANTA MI ARBOL to neutralize its CO2 emissions and get involved in the reforestation of Costa Rica as part of its action against climate change.

MAREBLU is an Environmental Conservation Organization, based in Costa Rica, which aims to make the oceans, rivers, and coastlines plastic-free primarily through coastal cleanup expeditions.

During the rest day in the capital, PlantaMiArbol will organize a tree planting activity for all participants and staff of Costa Rica RAID. This will allow everyone to be aware of Costa Rica’s reforestation efforts while leaving a trace of their participation in the change. Beyond this collaboration to raise awareness among competitors and fans, the Planta Mi Arbol association will allow Costa Rica RAID to offset its carbon footprint.

Since the Costa Rica RAID is a nautical competition, our second great partner is MareBlu, an environmental conservation organization that works to collect waste on beaches (especially stranded plastic) and ensure its proper transformation into recycled materials such as artificial reefs. In fact, Costa Rica RAID will donate, on behalf of each team of competitors, an artificial reef with a personalized plaque that MareBlu will then be able to place in the appropriate place on the seabed.

In addition, we have committed to reducing waste by collaborating with various local associations. We want to redistribute uneaten food at each stage of our event. We believe this is an important way to care for our environment and contribute to our local community. We are convinced that this initiative will be appreciated by our participants and partners.

The Costa Rica Raid organization wishes to collaborate with local associations to redistribute surplus prizes offered by sponsors and partners, such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, and rain-jackets. This collaboration will give these items a second life and make them available to people in need. Costa Rica RAID is proudly responsible at all levels.