ICARUS SPORTS is a leading sports media company, dedicated to a wide range of motorsports, outdoor, aquatics, tennis, wrestling, and e-sports. They produce inspiring content for over 140 events per year and stream over 45,000 hours of influential content in over 170 countries each year. Their proven entertainment coverage and guaranteed global exposure offer strategic brand positioning and activation, making them the obvious media partner for Costa Rica RAID.

Employing aerial video production with a branded helicopter not only introduces a dynamic and engaging dimension to our sports media production but also offers an impressive perspective to audiences.

Aerial imagery will be precious in producing engaging content for promotional videos, broadcasts, and post-event highlights, while providing an exciting aerial view and heightening the spectacle.

In addition, drones, onboard cameras, and ground cameras will provide a wide variety of images. Live or near-live broadcasts can be organized. As part of our multi-channel media strategy, the Costa Rica RAID Video Production team will provide the following elements in a “Ready to Broadcast” format to all media.

Communication in three languages

To ensure that the event is accessible to an international audience, all
communications will be available in English, French and Spanish. We are aware of
the global reach of our event and want to enable a diverse audience to follow the
developments of our Raid.

Press agents

To facilitate access to information about our event, we will appoint one person based
in Costa Rica, another in France and two relays in Europe to effectively coordinate
the various media, newspapers and TV channels that will follow the Costa Rica Raid.
We’re convinced that this will guarantee high-quality media coverage for our event.

Image production

We are delighted to announce that our organization will produce all images for the
event, thanks to our specialized service provider. We will make these images
available to the various broadcast media, which will be sent daily via satellite to the
editorial offices. We are convinced that this strategy will enable us to broadcast our
event in a qualitative and dynamic way, much to the delight of our international