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Promoting Costa Rica through International Sports Media

“Our team worked closely with the Costa Rican Ministry of Tourism and the French Motorboating Federation to develop an event format that took into account the country’s specific needs in terms of international visibility, as well as the World Championship standards expected by our competitors.”

– Alexis Del Sale

Institutional Partners

Official Main Sponsor

Cantieri Capelli is a world-renowned boat manufacturer with nearly 50 years of experience. Their dedication to crafting high-quality and high-performance RIBs made them an obvious choice for the Costa Rica RAID competitors to have the best vessels at their disposal for a thrilling and safe race experience. We are delighted to collaborate with Cantieri Capelli as our official RIB provider, setting the stage for an unforgettable and exhilarating event on the water.

Official Supplier

Yamaha Motor Marine is our trusted motor partner, known for its unwavering commitment to innovation and quality in the world of marine propulsion. With a legacy that spans decades, Yamaha Motor Marine has consistently delivered exceptional outboard motors that set the industry standard for performance, reliability, and fuel efficiency. Their cutting-edge technology and dedication to environmental sustainability make them the ideal choice for powering our watercraft.

“Our three-year partnership with Cantieri Capelli allows us to provide all teams with specially equipped racing boats. The Costa Rica RAID 2024 Limited Series will only be produced in 25 units, all manufactured especially for our event by the famous Italian shipyard. The energy that Umberto Capelli brings to the table was the differentiating element when selecting our boat partner.”Alexis Del Sale