The event

The Costa Rica RAID, the first edition of a RIB-Adventure Championship designed
to raise awareness and bring together international teams from around the world.

All will meet in Costa Rica, the green country in the spotlight for the duration of the competition. During one week, the competitors will cross the two coasts of the country. 6 days of race interspersed with a rest day in the capital.
Each team will be composed of 4 participants. The Organization will provide each competitor with the necessary individual equipment and a boat for each team. All boats will be identical and built by a world-recognized manufacturer.
The 7m long RIBs will be equipped with a 4-stroke engine of 225 HP.
The challenge for the competitors will be to finish the race by combining the qualities and skills of each team member!

The Organization

Alexis and Régis Del Sale, the promoters and organizers of the Costa Rica RAID, have thought of everything to support the race. Five boats, identical to those of the competitors, will be dedicated to the security, assistance, and media coverage of the event.

According to local authorities, the safety of competitors will also be guaranteed by the coast guard in collaboration with the Red Cross, emergency doctors, and security officers. An air support helicopter and ambulances will complete the measures to guarantee maximum safety.

Infos course

The Costa Rica Raid in a few key points..

  • An international adventure RIB race in Costa Rica
  • 500 nautical miles to be covered on the canals, rivers and along the country’s coasts
  • 6 days of racing interspersed with a rest day (between the 3ᵉ and 4ᵉ day of racing)
  • 80 participants will compete in teams of 4 and will be provided with all the necessary equipment as well as 4 sponsorship slots on their boat
  • 20 RIBs of 7m boats equipped with a 225 HP 4-stroke engine
  • 5 additional boats for assistance and organization
  • A helicopter for air support, as well as coast guard collaboration and a complete medical team to ensure the safety of the participants in the best conditions
  • 3 different types of events: Speed, Regularity, Orientation and Social (which serves as a bonus).
  • The entire race will be broadcasted through social media, as well as on European and International media channels.


    days of racing

    For 3 days, participants will discover the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica and then benefit from a 24-hour break in San José, the capital.
    The next 3 days of racing will take them down the Pacific coast to Golfo Dulce.


    international teams

    Competitors will register in teams of 4 to ensure complementary profiles. They will need 2 pilots, 1 navigator and 1 water sports enthusiast.



    Each team will be provided with its own 7m RIB with a 225 HP four-stroke outboard motor.
    The boats, specially equipped for adventure racing conditions, will be capable of reaching top speeds of over 90 km/h.

    All boats are provided by the organization.

    The stages

    The race route consists of 6 stages. The first day will begin in Puerto Limón where competitors will be able to get acquainted with their race boat for the first time during the morning test sessions. In the afternoon they will have to reach Tortuguero through narrow and sometimes shallow rivers.

    The next day they will leave for Barra del Colorado to compete for victory of the stage over a wide river in the middle of the jungle. The next stage will allow competitors to face the Caribbean Sea to reach Puerto Viejo, taking care to validate certain mandatory waypoints. After a day of rest in the capital, the race will resume on the Pacific side.

    The fourth stage will go from Puntarenas to Quepos passing through the Gulf of Nicoya. The next day, participants must arrive at the coastal town of Puerto Jiménez, being careful when passing through the Sierpe mangroves. The final stage will take them to the border with Panama before going up to Golfo Dulce and reaching Golfito, the final goal. The stages will all be different and will be


    The objective of this challenge is to test the teams’ ability to adhere to speeds imposed by the organization in accordance with the areas crossed (canals, narrow rivers, etc.).


    The objective of this challenge is to assess the competitors’ navigation skills. With the help of nautical information and GPS directions, they must pass through mandatory waypoints within the given time, failing which they will incur penalties.


    The objective of this challenge is simple: to cross the finish line with your boat ahead of the other competitors. The key word here is “speed.”